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Privacy statement INSTALLATION technologies International BV

This privacy statement belongs to INSTALLATION technologies International. (hereinafter “INSTALLATION technologies International”), located in Curacao. In this privacy statement, INSTALLATION technologies International explains which personal data INSTALLATION technologies International collects and processes, for what purposes this data is processed and what its cookie policy is.

INSTALLATION technologies International respects the privacy of all visitors to its website its (potential) customers and other (potential) relations. Personal data provided to INSTALLATION technologies International will be treated with care and secured. Your data will not be sold, traded or shared with organizations or individuals not associated with the services of INSTALLATION technologies International. INSTALLATION technologies International only processes data according to the rules prescribed by the General Data Protection Regulation.

Personal data website
INSTALLATION technologies International processes the following personal data on its website: names, company names, e-mail addresses, messages, IP addresses, visitor behavior, device data, location data, operating system data and network information.
This data is processed for the purpose of ensuring that the website functions optimally and is secure. This data is also processed to be able to use online marketing as well as possible or to be able to contact you if you wish. INSTALLATION technologies International has a legitimate interest for most of these processing operations. If this is not the case, you as a visitor will be asked for permission when you first visit our site.
If you have any questions about this or if you want us to delete your data, please feel free to contact us.

Data is collected for the following purposes:

  • Apply online marketing successfully;
  • Make the website more user-friendly;
  • Make texts more relevant to the reader;
  • Become more findable on Google;
  • Answer customer questions;

Forms are used
on this website. This concerns the following forms:

  • A general contact form.

When filling in the forms, it immediately becomes clear what the data is used for.
This information will not be used for purposes other than those described in the form. In addition, the data from the forms are not kept longer than necessary.

Duration of storage
The personal data stored in Google Analytics is stored for 26 months. The personal data regarding the forms will not be kept longer than necessary.

Rights of visitors

Visitors to the website have the following rights under the AVG law:

  • The right to data portability: the right to transfer personal data.
  • The right to be forgotten: the right to be ‘forgotten’.
  • Right of access: the right of people to view the personal data that you process about them.
  • Right to rectification and completion: the right to change the personal data that you process.
  • The right to restriction of processing: the right to have less data processed.
  • The right with regard to automated decision-making and profiling: the right to a human view in decisions.
  • The right to object to data processing.
  • Requests regarding personal data can be sent to

statistics INSTALLATION technologies International uses Google Analytics. For example, it is possible that cookies are placed from Google Analytics with the aim of collecting data in order to ultimately give you an optimal user experience. By collecting data via Google Analytics, INSTALLATION technologies International gain insight into how the website is used and we can apply these statistics to improve our website.
We collect the following statistical data:

  • cookies;
  • IP-adres;
  • user agents (browsers, operating system);
  • search terms used to reach our website via external search engines;
  • search terms used in the search engine on the website itself;
  • links used within the website;
  • links used to access our website.

INSTALLATION technologies International tries to protect your personal data that is collected as well as possible. We do this by working with a secure SSL connection. For example, the traffic between you and our website is always encrypted. In addition, we have an access policy for the management of the website, whereby no more employees are given access than necessary.

INSTALLATION technologies International uses a number of cookies on its website. These are files that are temporarily placed on your computer, laptop, telephone or tablet. Before these cookies are placed, the website will ask the visitor to give permission for this.

Functional cookies
Functional cookies are necessary for the website to function properly. These are placed by default and cannot be deleted if you have not accepted the cookies. With the cookies we ensure that you remain logged in during your visit to the website.

WordPress cookies
These cookies are used by WordPress to allow the user to log in and post comments. The session is also saved by these cookies.

Cookie Notification Plugin
Remembers whether you have accepted or declined cookies.

Analytical cookies
The website uses analytical cookies to, for example, keep track of visitor statistics. This gives us better insight into the functioning of the website and allows us to optimize it. These cookies have hardly any consequences for privacy.

Google Analytics cookies
With the cookies that Google Analytics places, we collect data with which we try to improve the user-friendliness and functioning of the website.

Tracking cookies
With tracking cookies we keep track of individual surfing behavior and create profiles. For example, we keep track of which pages the visitor has visited, how long the visitor has viewed certain pages and where the visitor comes from.

If you do not accept cookies on our website, your IP address will be stored anonymously. This means that the last 2 octets of your IP address will be erased.