From Walk-Through Metal Detectors to sophisticated package and people screening, Rapiscan® Systems offers a full-range of all-inclusive law enforcement security solutions for police stations and prisons.

Rapiscan® Systems’ solutions help officers screen employees and visitors quickly and effectively to ensure that narcotics, contraband and concealed threats stay out of critical facilities.
We can customize a system to meet your unique needs, whether they include people, baggage, parcel, cargo or vehicle screening. If you are concerned about bad actor threats, our scanning technology can also detect radiation and trace nuclear materials.


Inspection of bags and parcels has to be effective, efficient, and meet the toughest regulatory requirements. Thruvision and Rapiscan® Systems products deliver on both levels. 



Explosive Detection Systems (EDS) have to comply with global threat detection standards without impacting throughput.

Rapiscan® Systems range of Tray Return Systems (TRS™) are designed to allow for increased throughput, reduction in staff tray handling and the ability to increase passenger focus amongst various other benefits at security checkpoints.
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